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Come and discover our world, totally dedicated to them ...
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Francesco and Silvia are the ones who started this fantastic adventure.

Francesco is a veterinarian who has always been passionate about dogs.

He will be the one to approach the Bernese Mountain Dog in 1998 and to import a male from Switzerland.

Silvia shared most of her life with a dog, whether it was a foundling or a purebred one, it didn't matter.

For twenty years she ran a dog boarding house, which helped her to learn about different breeds.

In 1980 she discovered Sloughi, which he falls in love with and in 2002, she finally realizes the dream of bringing home two brothers.


Clara was born and raised in contact with dogs.

Her innate passion accompanies her every day.

Since childhood she has participated in dog shows, first as a spectator and then as a Junior Handler.

She worked a few years in the exhibition environment, which brought her into contact with various dog breeds, including the Bracco Italiano.

Dog that fascinated her right away, for her intelligence and desire to learn.

And this is how two Italian Bracchi became part of our lives in 2016.

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Since 2009 we have been breeding with the affix Vardamak, recognized by the Italian Kennel Club (ENCI) and by the International Cynological Federation (FCI).

We are located in the beautiful hills of Monferrato, where we walk daily with our dogs.

Our dogs live both at home with us and in a space dedicated to them behind the house.

Puppies are born and raised at home.

They are immediately familiar with the noises of home and life at home.

They are socialized with adults of different breeds and with cats.

They stay with their mother up to 70 days, the age at which they are transferred to new families.


Breeding philosophy

Our breeding philosophy is divided into three fundamental points:

1) HEALTH: all our breeding animals are tested for the main breed pathologies, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and progressive retinal atrophy (Sloughi)

2) CHARACTER: a character that reflects the characteristics of the breed is very important to us. For this reason, socialization, interaction with siblings and contact with adults of different breeds is very important for the growth of the puppy.

3) THE STANDARD: we select our breeders always based on the breed standard.

We participate in dog shows just to compare ourselves and find out if our selection work is going the right way.

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Breeding meetings

It is very important for us to keep in touch with the families who welcome our puppy into their life.

For this reason, from time to time we have the pleasure of organizing some gatherings of our kennel.

Spend a day in the company of all the Vardamak.

An excellent opportunity to compare and meet brothers, cousins or uncles.

Often the organization consists of a walk all together in our hills, lunch and ritual photos in the afternoon.

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