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We are a small breeding company, for this reason our litters are few each year and aimed at satisfying the three points of our breeding philosophy.

The puppies are born at home and are immediately accustomed to family life. 

They are socialized with adults of other breeds and cats.

They remain with their mother up to 70 days, the age in which they are entrusted to the new families. 

All our puppies are sold with ENCI pedigree and microchip.

Litters scheduled

Sloughi - September 2023
Kashmir Beyaz Ksar Ghilane x ItCh EuW WVW Intissar's Latar

Confirmed Pregnancies


Puppies available


Bernese Mountain Dogs


Bracchi Italiani

Previous litters


Bernese Mountain Dogs

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Bracchi Italiani

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