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Bernese Mountain Dogs


The Bernese Mountain Dog was born as a farmer auxiliary in one of the regions of the canton of Bern.

Initially called Durrbachler, for the Durrbach region from which this dog derives.

The first evidence of a tricolor long-haired dog dates back to around the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1907 the first breed club was born, which changed its name from Durrbachler to Berner Sennenhund (later Italianized with Bernese Mountain Dog)

In 1950 the first crossings with the Newfoundland began to improve the character and the morphological improvement.

Famous for its use as a gatherer, guardian and shooter of carts that carried farmers' milk.

Bernese e Mucca storis.jpg

As in all breeds, the Bernese Mountain Dog also has a standard, that is a "model" to follow, such as proportions, dimensions, height and defects, which it is right to know and which reflects the breed in its functionality and beauty.


General appearance:

Long haired utility dog, tricolor, powerful, agile, harmonious, well proportioned with strong limbs and whose size is above average.



The head must be powerful, balanced but not too massive.


Strong and muscular neck.


Chest broad and deep, reaching the elbows, the forechest must be well developed.


The tail must be at least long up to the hocks.


Height depends on gender:

Males from 64 to 70 cm

Females from 58 to 66 cm


Only tricolor coloring.


For more information about the standard, see




The Bernese has a truly exceptional character.

He is very tender and outgoing, he has no problems with strangers.

Excellent playmate for children, has great patience and desire to be the center of attention of their family.

Easily trainable, it is a dog that can do various dog sports, such as obedience, agility (always evaluating the size and growth of the dog) and rescue dog.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a dissuader, for this reason, once he has finished barking and warns of the arrival of a stranger, he will return home or wait for the call .

Vardamak Fast & Furious aka Mammuth


Pugo per sito.jpg

Splendid Three Color Sunnyvale


Vardamak Treasure

Mammuth 2020.jpg

Vardamak Fast'nd Furious


Vardamak Tattoed Heart


Pamina neve 2020

Vardamak Pamina

Taiga Maggio22.jpg

Berkana Life Harumy

Houdini neve 8-12-21.jpg

Vardamak Qui Lo Dico e Qui Lo Nego


Vardamak Una Paloma Blanca

Standing neve23 feb.jpg

Vardamak Standing Ovation

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