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Splendid Three Color Sunnyvale

House name: Pugo

Date of birth: 17/05/2013

Dam: multi Ch April Bersett

Sire:Multi Ch Bourdon Des Joyeuses Gambades

Degenerative myelopathy: Ex1 N / DM Ex2 N / N

Hips Dysplasia: A

Elbow Dysplasia: 0

Coefficient of Inbreeding: 0,0%

Russian import


Pugo is a funny and playful Bernese.

A great early riser, in autumn and winter he loves being outside the house waiting for the sunrise.

He really likes to walk and play with us.


Taiphong Des Months Helvettes

Verdy de la Moulette Aux Sources


Multi Ch Bourdon Des Joyeuses Gambades

Sagesse De La Moulette Aux Sources

Rocky Des Chaltries Hurlevent

Venus Du Domaine De La Rocherie

Symphonie Du Chemin Des Piarris

Multi Ch Xzorba V T Stokerybos

Multi Ch Dino V T Stokerybos


Multi Ch April Bersett

Auda V T Stokerybos

Coefficient of inbreeding 2.1%

MultiCh Zandrinas Gibson

MultiCh EuW Oda O Zandrina Av Hiselfoss

NCh Ille Ville Isprinsesse Av Hiselfoss

For more information on ancestry

Abbreviation legend

Multi Ch - Multi Champion in different countries

EuW-European Champion

NCh- Norwegian Champion

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