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Vardamak Pamina

House name: Pamina

Date of birth: 21/12/2016

Mother: Vardamak Cabiria

Father: Splendid Three Color Sunnyvale

Degenerative myelopathy: SOD1A N / N SOD1B N / N

Hips Dysplasia: A

Elbow Dysplasia: 0

Coefficient of inbreeding 1.6%



Pamina is a very affectionate Bernese Mountain Dog.

She loves to pester and play with her sister Moomi and take long walks in the woods.

She hates bathing.


Verdy De La Moulette Aux Sources

Multi Ch Bourdon Des Joyeuses Gambades


Splendid Three Color Sunnyvale

Inbreeding coefficient 0.0%

Multi Ch April Bersett

Venus Du Domaine De La Rocherie

Multi Ch Dino V T Stokerybos

Multi Ch EuW Oda o Zandrina Av Hiselfoss

John Big Ben Da Casa Dos Herdeiros Do Lobo

ItCh IntCh Oota-Dabum Da Casa Dos Herdeiros Do Lobo


Vardamak Cabiria

Inbreeding coefficient 0.0%

ItVCh RiprCh Tiigira Athena

Ca' Del Corsi Amelieperherdeirosdolobo

Multi Ch Ola Odelsgutt Av Hiselfoss

EstJCh Private-Stefal Danny

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Legend Abbreviations

MultiCh - Multi Champion in different countries

EuW- European Winner

ItVCh- Italian Veteran Champion

ItCh- Italian Champion

IntCh- International Champion

RiprCh- Reproducer Sample

EstJCh-  Estonian Junior Champion

Results Dog Show

National Dog Show Mondovì 28/07/2017

Puppy Class 1 Very Promising

Best Puppy

Best In Show Puppy

Judge Condò Pietro Paolo

National Dog Show Savona 10/09/2017

Puppy Class 1 Very Promising 

Best Puppy

Judge Condò Pietro Paolo

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