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Vardamak Standing Ovation

House name: Standing

Date of birth: 17/07/2017

Dam: Vardamak Femme Fatale

Sire: Splendid Three Color Sunnyvale

Degenerative myelopathy: Ex1 N / DM

Ex2 N / N

Hips Dysplasia: A 

Elbow Dysplasia: 0

Coefficient of Inbreeding 1,6%


Standing is a very dynamic Bernese.

She loves playing with sloughis and disturbing Pamina.

Very affectionate, she loves to receive all the attention.


Verdy De La Moulette Aux Sources

Multi Ch Bourdon Des Joyeuses Gambades

Splendid Three Color Sunnyvale

Venus Du Domaine De La Rocherie

Multi Ch Dino V T Stokerybos


Coefficient of inbreeding 0.0%


April Bersett

EuW MultiCh Oda O Zandrina Av Hiselfoss

FinCh Berntiers Forward


Vardamak Femme Fatale

Coefficient of inbreeding 0.7%

ItCh Bjorlingans Canon L'Orso Birichino

Lordchamp Diamond Dollar Dream

Multi Ch Ola Odelsgutt Av Hiselfoss

ItVCh RiprCh Tiigira Athena

EstJCh Private Stefal Danny

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Legend Abbreviations

Multi Ch - Multi Champion in different Countries

ItVCh- Italian Veteran Champion

RiprCh- Reproductive Champion

SuCh- Swedish Champion

NCh- Norwegian champion

EstJCh - Estonian Junior Champion


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