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Vardamak Treasure

Family name: Thor

Date of birth: 27/11/2020

Dam: Vardamak Femme Fatale

Sire: Rainbow Pyrite del Molino delle Gorge

Degenerative myelopathy: Ex1 N / DM Ex2 N / N

Hips Dysplasia: A

Elbow Dysplasia: 1

Owner : Arianna Gatto

Available as a stud


Multi jCh Ridon Hennet Red Hot CP

ItCh Milord Starry Town du Hameau des Baronnies


Rainbow Pyrite del Molino delle Gorge

FrCh Blackwater Easy Come Easy Go

Nellyvill's Licoln At Starry Town

Starry Town Mi-Mariposa del M.D.G

Starry Town Hello Kitty

FinCh Berntiers Forward

ItCh Bjorlingans Canon L'Orso Birichino


Vardamak Femme Fatale

Inbreeding coefficient 0.7%

Lordchamp Diamond Dollar Dream

Multi Ch Ola Odelsgutt Av Hiselfoss

ItVCh RiprCh Tiigira Athena

EstJCh Private Stefal Danny

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Legend Abbreviations

Multi Ch - Multi Champion in different Countries

ItCh - Italian Champion

ItVCh- Italian Veteran Champion

RiprCh- Reproductive Champion

FrCh- French Champion

FinCh- Finnish Champion

 Multi JCh - Multi junior champion in different Countries

EstJCh - Estonian Junior Champion


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